Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Using Photoshop on Mac

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtеdly one of the most popular and powerful tools for working with images, editіng and procеssing them. It is used by professionals all over the world to create incredible images. Howеver, this tool can also be useful for amateur or beginner users who may not know about effective combinations of Photoshop commands that make working with the program much easier and allow them to optіmize their time.

Navigation and Selection

One of the most important parts of working in Photoshop for Mac is navigating projects and selecting objects. Use the following shortcuts for Mac to help you navigate your canvas and select areas quickly and easily.

Zoom in on the canvas. Cmd + Space.

While you hold down these keys, you can use the mouse or trackpad to manipulate the zoom.

Zoom out of the canvas. Cmd + Option + Space

Hide the grid and guide lines on the canvas. Cmd + H.

This is useful when you want to see only the image without any additional elements.

Hide all panels except the active one. Cmd + Option + H.

This can be useful for times when you need to focus on a specific area of the image.

Cancel the selection. Cmd + D.

Use to deselect the current selection of an area.

Repeat the last selection. Cmd + Shift + D.

This combination is useful for quickly redoing a previous selection that was deselected.

Along with all of the above, users often wonder where is the Alt key on Mac or the Alt equivalent on Mac. Quick access to the Alt key on Mac can be obtained by using the Option key. This key is located next to the Command button on the keyboard and corresponds to the Alt button on other keyboards. Thus, keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop on Mac that include Alt actually use the Option key, which also greatly facilitates the process of working with this efficient and multifunctional program. On Mac computers, the Option key is functionally the same as the Alt on other keyboards, such as Windows. Therefore, any keyboard shortcuts that use Alt in Windows programs or systems can be performed on Macs by replacing Alt with Option. This allows users to easily adapt to working with programs on different platforms without having to memorize different keyboard shortcuts.

Editing and Filters

The editing and filter features let users not only enhance their images but also create exciting effects. The editing features allow users to perform various actions on images, including:

  • undo previous changes,
  • undo undone actions,
  • transform objects, and more.

Filters, in turn, allow users to:

  • apply various effects to images to enhance their appearance,
  • or create new and exciting visual effects.

Adobe photoshop shortcut keys that will be useful for working with editing and filters in Photoshop on Mac:

Undo last action. Cmd + Z.

This combination allows you to quickly undo the last action you performed.

Redo the last great action. Cmd + Shift + Z

This shortcut lets you redo the action you just undid.

Redo the last applied filter. Cmd + F

This shortcut lets you quickly apply the same filter to another object or layer.

Open the Transform tool. Cmd + T

This tool lets you resize, rotate, and move objects in your image.

Open the Fade dialog box. Cmd + Option + F

This combination, among other Mac shortcuts, lets you fade the effect of the last filter or command you applied.

Tools & Layers

Photoshop tools help with everything from drawing to deleting objects. The following keyboard shortcuts will make them easier to use.


Switches to the Brush tool. This allows you to paint or edit an image with a brush.


Switches to the Move tool. This tool lets you move objects around the canvas.


Switches to the Eraser tool. Use this tool to delete a portion of the image.

Cmd + J

Create a copy of the layer.  This combination allows you to quickly create a copy of the selected layer or object.

Cmd + Shift + N

Create a new layer. This combination allows users to quickly create a new empty layer to work with.


Knowing the right keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop on Mac will greatly increase your image editing speed and produсtivity. The above keyboard shortcuts open up an ocean of possibilities for Photoshop users, allowing them to quickly perform various types of tasks wіthout using the mouse or trackpad. Explore them, experiment, and create amazing graphic creations!

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