30+ Logo design ideas for business

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The Best logo design ideas for businesses in 2021

As technology expands its space every day, and digitization is a trend, the transformation of activities from offline to online is becoming evident. This is easy to understand with business logos. For example, a branding logo is an integral part of all brands.

About inspiring creative logo

Creating the perfect branding logo that accurately reflects what you want to convey is not an easy task. Your branding logo will appear in many places: on websites, on social media, in emails, in your business proposals… This will be the first impression of those who intend to establish business with you.

A few words about letter logo design ideas

Often an alphabetic logo is associated with a product already familiar to us. When you see a golden arc M of McDonald’s, you think of big macs and fries. And the BMW logo will immediately remind you of a fashionable car. When you come across the Google logo, you think about searching for answers on the Internet. Here are several good examples of letter logos.

Art logo design

You can easily create a stunning art logo for your own art studio, art store, art class, or ballroom dance school with these inspiring templates from an online logo maker.

Geometric logo symbolism

Logo designers practice separate geometric shapes or often incorporate the shapes into quaint abstract compositions, influencing an audience on their subconscious level. Classic geometric patterns visually functioning as color spectrum fill a universe with meaning and interpretation.

A rectangular logo conveys a sense of consistency, stability, and order. It is a great choice for strong enterprises that value high quality and deep analytical thinking. An iconic Microsoft logo is a good demonstration of how simple squares can compose a magical design masterpiece.

In case a goal is in the generation of an emotional response and feedback from an audience, there would be circles and soft ovals of great help. Sophisticated geometric figures, composed of smooth flowing curved lines, mean comfort, calmness, and safety. As an example, MasterCard is a good example to engage circles to convince customers of the safety of their money.

A styled triangle represents moving forward and dynamic growth. Companies use a specific geometric configuration to demonstrate their preference for speed and dynamics. The famed Adidas logo has got three triangles (or mountain) shaped stripes. Advanced logo designers give you a great chance to try different geometries to find a shape that can express the essence of a company brand.

Can minimal style and simplicity be considered the same thing?

Minimalism is a timeless visual style. While fashion trends appear and disappear, go like the seasons, the timeless minimalist designs work great in any situation. Well-known brands are aware of the huge power of minimalism trends.

They try to keep their professional corporate identity concise and pure clean. Speaking about world-known Nike, the corporation has been faithful to its iconic logo for decades.

Logos being global brand emblems are impressive

Nowadays, each type of brand has a certain symbol that characterizes it. This distinguishing feature is known collectively as the logo. There are several types of emblems that represent a brand or product. It is a logo, iso type, image, and iso logo. Below I will explain some of their characteristics and differences.


An emblem of a company, brand, or product that consists only of words, letters, numbers, or symbols without pictographs (picture or icon). Some of the more famous examples include Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, or Nokia.


In this case, the emblem represents a company, brand, or product, an image design (drawing, icon) that we can easily recognize without a name. Some of the more famous examples are Apple, Instagram, Playboy, or Firefox.

Image type:

Here is a combination of text and images that are part of the logo. But it is possible to recognize it separately, and what it informs about. Here are some examples of the most famous: Adidas, Lacoste, Pepsi, or Nike (Nike is becoming more common in isotype form).

Iso logo:

The logo combines text and images. But, unlike an image, if you look only at a part of it, which represents only a graphic design (pictographic element) without text, then it would be difficult to identify it at first glance. Some of the more famous examples are Pizza Hut, Ford, Lay’s, or Häagen Dazs

Monograms logo

A monogram is functioning as a symbol made up of one or several assembled letters. They are usually performed by interlacing in a logo company or personal. Corresponding letters or initials are written, the desired font, style, and color schemes are selected. Anything can be decorated with a monogram. Including address labels and wedding invitations.

Abstract logo

A creative and abstract logo style is widely used by businesses and non-profit organizations, small businesses, and large corporations. An original logo can provide useful information about your brand, evoke an emotional response and the right associations.

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