40+ Drawing ideas and easy tips

Hello everyone in our new magazine. We continue to lead our section – How to draw. Digital Art and Drawing also in our collections. Let’s go today on the list) Have a nice day and inspiration!

Drawing people

drawing ideas

The drawing is made of a regular blue ballpoint

Awesome sketch by Andrey Ganev. Simple but also made with soul and perfectly conveys character

The artist transmitted glare and soft light using the pastel and color pencil

All the same, this solution for training your drawing skills is a very useful skill in the design and illustrator professions.

drawings ideas

The drawing was made and purple colored pencil

Cool sketches made with a regular ballpoint pen

This watercolor sketch – very gentle

drawing ideas for you

Drawing made with marker and pencils. Anime style

pencil drawing is very neatly shaded. The artist conveyed the proportions of the girl well

Cool sketch was made with a mechanical pencil by Angel Ganev

Just a simple drawing

drawing ideas for yor inspiration

This picture is presented in the fabulous Digital Art

Figure drawing

Perfectly drawn character

How to draw a dress

A very cool character drawing lesson. Step by step you can see the technique – from general to details

Beautiful skirt

How to draw a head

In this picture, the construction of the head is clearly visible

drawing ideas for  hair

Lip drawing reference

A Good Example of the Digital Painting Lesson

drawing ideas step by step

Drawing a wooden board

Gold drawing tutorial

We draw armor in Photoshop

We transfer light correctly to the metals

Would you like a cup of tea?)

Also cool cake

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