How to create a logo – step by step

There is a very good way to make your company memorable by creating a good logo. This post will be for designers and for those who want to master this skill

Main steps
  • Research and brainshtorming
  • Sketching
  • Design Execution
  • Presentation
  • Revision and approval
For a brand to turn out “seriously and permanently”, it must be simple and respectable. But if at the same time it will not be original, somewhat provocative, suggestive to tempting thoughts, if there is nothing to catch your eye in it – consider that your work was wasted!
David Airy , Graphic designer

Reaearch and brainshtorming

The most important thing in research is to identify some of the strongest competitors of the customer.

During a brainstorming session – highlight all the best components, combine the advantages of this brand or emphasize its peculiarity. Write everything on paper or make a table

A good option for this stage is to create a mudboards


Designing sketches for the future logo


Design Execution

And select promising logo design concepts and digitally execute them

by Wesley Marc


Any project needs to be beautifully packaged, make an interesting presentation

by @logobucket_co
Formula creativia

Revision and approval

Coordinate the concept with the customer and transfer the source.

It is advisable to break the files into folders, and if this is a logo folio, duplicate the folder path to the file

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