10 Most Famous Victorian Buildings in London for Visitors

For an architectural student studying in London, Victorian buildings are a huge attraction to visit and explore. During Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 to 1901, we all witnessed a huge growth and innovation in the iconic Victorian architecture in London. These famous buildings with unique architectural styles have a separate fan base that continuously captures visitors today.

10 famous victorian buildings

The following are some relevant statistical points you should consider before going further: 

  • Over 975 million tourists travelled worldwide in 2023.
  • Travel and tourism are expected to grow by 18% in 2024.
  • The UK is a top destination for visitors, attracting over 39 million tourists annually.
  • During the Victorian era, which lasted over 60 years, 6+ million houses were built.

When it comes to finding and exploring these famous Victorian buildings, we see people get confused about where to start. It becomes more problematic for architecture students working on their Victorian architecture dissertations. In this scenario, you can acquire dissertation writing help from UK-based writers who know every bit of these historical places.

Here, we will explore the 10 most famous Victorian buildings in London, each with its unique storyline to tell to the visitors.

Top 10 Victorian Buildings in London

Well, there are many places that were built in Victorian times, and some of them have become major attractions for people. Tourists visit such places for enjoyment, art and designs, historical significance, and to explore their cultural values. 

We also selected the top 10 Victorian buildings that visitors of London should consider for their valuable trips. These are:

1. The Royal Albert Hall in London

Image source: Veranda

The Royal Albert Hall was opened in 1871 and is currently the premier performing space in the UK. It has recognition for organising the yearly Proms concerts. Prince Albert’s 1851 plan for a group of structures in Hyde Park to advance the study of industry, science, and the arts served as the model for this hall. So, even after the demise of the prince, Queen Victoria worked on his goals and built this hall exactly like what he wanted. 

Whenever you search for the best Victorian landmarks in London, you will be attracted towards its magnificent iron dome increasing the beauty of the Hall. It is still fascinating the tourists with its rich history and stunning architecture even today. It is not just a structure or Victorian building, rather it’s truly a commitment to the progress of the arts and sciences.

2. Houses of Parliament

Image Source: Britannica

The House of Parliament is also known as the Palace of Westminster; one of the most famous Victorian places in London. It is located on the banks of River Thames just next to Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Its majestic towers add more beauty to the structure. This Victorian building was first created in11th century and then rebuilt again and again with innovations. 

A proper competition was held to select the design of the best architect that Charles Barry won. He restarted its construction in 1840 which lasted for almost 30 years and completed this house of parliament in the Victorian era.

3. The Royal Courts of Justice

Image Source: GilbertScott

This famous Victorian building was constructed between 1873 and 1882 under Victoria’s supervision. The towering Royal Courts of Justice in the City of London serve as a testimony to the magnificence of Victorian architecture. This majestic masterpiece, created by Edward M. Barry, son of Charles Barry, is the focal point of the English court system. 

This building’s structure is built in such a way that represents the justice system in British culture. The Royal Courts of Justice is open for tours to visit and explore its courtroom dramas to enhance their knowledge of their justice system. Although it is majorly open for visitors, some areas are restricted where the common public cannot go.

4. Tower Bridge

Image Source: Towerbridge

Tower Bridge has become the most famous bridge in London being a fascinating river crossing that attracts everyone towards it. Now, it is not only famous as a Victorian building, but it also serves as a representation of London. This bridge is the real representation of a mixture of techniques directly applied to make it a victory. Horace Jones designed this bridge by taking inspiration from a bascule bridge.

A Tower Bridge cover both aspects; a double-segmented roadway that can be divided into two parts for the ships to pass through it and a long walkway for visitors to roam over there. Its both functions make it more incredible allowing the large ships to cross via the River Thames and also a pedestrian walkway with amazing city views.

5. The V&A Museum

Image Source: V&A

The complete name of V & A Museum is Victoria and Albert which is famous for love birds of art and design. Its extraordinary creativity and stylish design are the most notable feature that attracts visitors from all over the world. This famous Victorian building stands across from the Natural History Museum. This is a huge museum having more than 4.5 million objects showing different cultures and histories. Aston Webb created this Victorian building and opened it for the people in 1899. People who love art and historical places to get innovative ideas from them must visit the V&A museum.

6. Albert Memorial

Image Source: The Royal Parks

Another popular Victorian building is the Albert Memorial which was created and opened for people under Victoria’s supervision. It is situated in Kensington Gardens, immediately across from Kensington Palace. Queen made this wonderful monument in honour of Prince Albert, so is famous. But who created this masterpiece with such great perfection? It was George Gilbert Scott who did everything from its design to creation and finished it in 1875. The Albert Memorial, with its elaborate carvings and allegorical figures, serves as a moving reminder of Queen Victoria’s abiding love for her spouse.

7. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Image Source: Artdiction

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a stunning replica of the ancient Elizabethan playhouse, and it is nestled on the south bank of the River Thames. The Globe, which was restored in 1899, is a prime example of the Victorian obsession with resurrecting and honouring William Shakespeare’s writings, even if it is not really a Victorian structure.

With most of its productions held outside to emulate the experience of Elizabethan audiences, the Globe Theatre provides a singular theatrical experience. While you should be ready for the weather, take advantage of the chance to enjoy Shakespeare’s plays outside. Shakespeare’s life and works, acting styles, and Elizabethan theatre methods are all covered in the range of educational programs and seminars that The Globe Theatre provides. Scholars also visit Victorian buildings like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as part of their research for theses and dissertations. If you are also working on such a project but are busy with a strict schedule, do not compromise on your grades and buy dissertation online from native professional writers.

8. All Hallows by the Tower

Image Source: City of London

All Hallows near the Tower, a short stroll from the Tower of London, serves as a moving reminder of the city’s lengthy past. Although it was created back in the 17th century, the majority of reconstruction was made in the Victorian era which played a great role in making it a famous Victorian building. 

Every Hallow by the Tower presents a combination of myth and tradition. When you take a look at the church, you will get a lot to discover more about its interesting heritage. This place is the witness to many true events that happened in London’s past. It is famous for its distinctive architectural styles and historical significance.

9. Somerset House

Image Source: Somerset House

While sitting in the heart of London, you will get to see another famous Victorian Building, Somerset House, a true representation of Neoclassical architecture. It is located between the strand and the bank of the River Thames. In summer, its 55 fountains, all working together, present a majestic view to the visitors. However, in winter, you will get to see London’s favourite ice rink, where you can skate and enjoy yourself. The majority of the parts were already constructed before the Victorians, but their reconstruction between the 18th and 19th centuries gave them a more beautiful and unique touch.

Currently, Somerset House is a thriving cultural hub that is home to galleries, museums, theatres, and educational facilities. The classical design of Somerset House is mainly due to its large façade, symmetrical proportions, and fine detailing. Your walk in its courtyards and a complete tour of its constructions will help you learn more about the building’s architectural significance and history.

10. Alexandra Palace

Image Source: Alaxandrapalace

People also know it as “Ally Pally,” which is a great monument of famous Victorian buildings located on a hilltop north of London. Constructed in the middle of the 1800s, the Palace was meant to be a “People’s Palace,”. It covers about 196 acres and provides a great view for visitors. The aim of its creation was to provide amusement and learning opportunities for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

It’s not like it is available only for historical means; no, its huge halls and rooms are used for various purposes, including arranging events, meetings, concerts, dinners and exhibitions. When it was made and ruled the area with its services, it was home to a theatre, a symphony hall, and vast gardens. This palace still exists even after facing many difficulties, such as a fire in 1873. However, a lot of restoration and reinventions were made to save this Victorian building in London.

Where are the Best Victorian Houses in London?

Victorian buildings are known for their unique designs, fireproof strategies, original glasses, tiled roofs and flooring and many other decorative. If you are looking for the best Victorian houses built in the Victorian era in London, the following is the list you must consider:

  • Folk Victorian
  • Italianate
  • Gothic Revival
  • Queen Anne
  • Second Empire

What are the Victorian Landmarks of London?

Victorian landmarks of London are iconic historical places constructed or renovated during 1837-1901 that tourist from all over the world visit. These Victorian buildings have great importance due to their architectural style and technological advancements. These Victorian Landmarks of London include Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Royal Albert Hall and more.


In search of finding the most famous Victorian places, we found their great value and the reasons to visit them. Students mostly don’t understand what place they should visit and for what purpose, so don’t worry. We have solved this problem with this easy guide. On the basis of your architectural interests, we finalised the above-mentioned top 10 Victorian buildings in London that you should visit, study and explore. It will not only be a source of joy but also increase your knowledge and aesthetics by providing unique ideas.You can also use this study to complete your study projects, such as an architecture dissertation. In spite of this, if you are running low on budget and time and cannot visit these places by yourself, you can avail of dissertation writing services UK from professionals. They have mostly gone to these memorial places and have the required knowledge to complete your work on time excellently.

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