15 artists will make doubt that your eyes see

Great artists, believe it or not – it is painted hands, not a photo or printer

Diego Fazio

Diego works as an inkjet printer, starting to draw a leaf edge. Draw in pencil and charcoal

Gregory Tilker

Gregory Tilker writes his “rainy” cloth brush, using watercolor and oil paints

Omar Ortiz

Omar with his usual laconic transmits all the subtle curves and lines

Roberto Bernardi

Its not photo. Hard to believe that “sweet” still lifes Roberto Bernardi is not filmed on camera

Ruth Tyson

British artist Ruth Tyson, like many of her colleagues, has no art education, however, has an original manner of execution of the works. She draws with graphite and watercolor pencils.

Kamalki Laureano

Kamalki Laureano – Dominican talented artist

Paul Cadden

The only tool the author – a slate pencil. It turns out, quite enough to convey exactly every line, wrinkle or emotion

Gottfried Helnwein

In his works, Gottfried Helnwein uses primarily watercolors

Robin Eley

London artist creates realistic large-scale oil paintings

Thomas Arvid

Thomas has no formal education. Accumulated skill on its own system of education, the artist came to his theme – the theme of wine

Vincent Fatauzzo

Works of famous Australian artist Vincent Fatauzzo exhibited all over the world

Brian Drury

Winner of the plurality of the United States and Europe prestigious awards

Yigal Ozeri

Yigal incredibly accurately conveys the play of light and shadow,

Taner Tseylan

Famous Turkish artist, painting in the style of hyperrealism

Andrew Talbot

Renowned British artist Andrew Talbot is engaged in a pattern of 15 years and since 2002, earns his living with his works.


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