TOP 10 Romantic Winter for holiday

On winter holidays always want to travel, go relax and enjoy the Christmas holiday atmosphere

Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet's city

Verona – Romeo and Juliet’s city. Very romantic , food, wine, friendly people and a holiday atmosphere.

Salzburg, Austria


Home to one of the greatest composers of all time – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Wonderful cozy town is located in Austria

Leavenworth, Washington


The cozy town in the United States has Bavarian roots. Usually in the New Year period it is fantastically decorated in all styles of holiday

Quebec City, Canada


The French city in Canada where favorite time – it’s the Christmas holidays

Krakow, Poland


The cultural capital of Poland. The second largest city in the country. Every corner is filled with unique history.

Prague, Czech Republic


Inexpressible atmosphere of the old town is worth visiting at least for a weekend this famous capital.

Edinburg, Scotland


Gray and white buildings of the old town and honor raditsii delay in comfortable cafes pubs and restaurants. Immerse yourself in the legend of Scotland

Aarhus, Denmark


When the topic is raised on a trip to Denmark, to mind only comes to Copenhagen.
But none menie there is in the camp of the amazing cities such as Aarhus.

Belgrade, Serbia


The city is famous for nightlife, a paradise for tourists, you should definitely visit the Knez Mihailova Street and the Belgrade Fortress

Woodstock, Vermont


Contrast the city compared to other cities in our list. Nature, air, quiet pace of life, and most importantly – incredible Christmas warm atmosphere, emphasized gerlyadami, decorations, activities.


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