Is PNG or SVG Better for Cricut?

When designing and creating projects with a Cricut machine, the choice between PNG and SVG file formats can significantly impact the quality and versatility of your designs. In this article, we will weigh both formats’ advantages and disadvantages so creators can make informed decisions for the next project with Art4YouSpace. 

Imagine you’re getting ready for a children’s party and want to create some custom stickers. You might wonder whether to Google ‘cow SVG files’ or ‘cow PNG’. No worries, we can help you to make the right choice. 

SVG: Pros and Cons

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a vector-based image format. Conventionally, SVG is Cricut’s preferred option. This format works on math equations to precisely outline shapes and sizes. SVG files can be used for many materials, such as paper, cotton, vinyl, leather, and more. 


  • Scalability: SVG files are easily scaleable. They can be resized without compromising quality. Hence, the SVG format works best for projects that require adjustments in dimensions, like stickers, decals, and signage. 
  • Editability: SVG files are editable using various design software, so customization is available. This flexibility makes SVG formats versatile for creating personalized designs for Cricut projects.
  • Layering: SVG files support layering, allowing you to organize and separate design elements. This feature is particularly useful for complex designs with multiple layers, like intricate logos or detailed illustrations.
  • Smaller File Size: SVG files are generally smaller than raster formats like PNG, which can benefit faster file transfers and easier storage.


  • Complexity: SVG files can be more complex than PNG files, especially for beginners or those unfamiliar with vector graphics. Learning to work with SVG files may require some time and practice to master the intricacies of vector editing software.
  • Compatibility: While most design software supports SVG files, there may be compatibility issues with certain programs or older versions. It’s essential to ensure that your software is compatible with SVG files to avoid any compatibility issues when working on Cricut projects.
  • File Size: SVG files can sometimes be larger in file size compared to PNG files, especially for designs with intricate details or multiple layers. This larger file size may require more storage space and processing power, particularly for projects with a large number of SVG files.

Back to the drawing board, SVG designs with animals can be the right way to go for your project. With SVG files, you can effortlessly adjust the size and details of your stickers to fit any party favor or decoration. Need a larger cartoon character for the centerpiece? No problem – just scale up the SVG file without losing any quality.

PNG: Pros and Cons

PNG, or Portable Network Graphics, utilizes a grid of pixels for image definition. While it may not offer the same level of scalability and editability as SVG, PNG files can still be a viable option in certain situations.


  • Transparency: PNG files support transparency, allowing you to create designs with transparent backgrounds. This feature is particularly useful for projects where you want the design to blend seamlessly with the background, such as decals or stickers.
  • Simplicity: PNG files are raster graphics, which means they are composed of pixels arranged in a grid. Unlike SVG files, which can be complex vector graphics, PNG files are relatively straightforward and easy to work with, making them suitable for beginners or those new to crafting.
  • High Color Depth: PNG files can support up to 48-bit color depth, which allows for more detailed and vibrant images compared to SVG.
  • Compatibility: PNG files are widely supported by design software and image editing tools, making them highly compatible with various platforms and programs. Whether you’re using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or a free online design tool, PNG files are likely to be supported.


  • Resolution Limitation: PNG files are raster graphics, which means they have a fixed resolution. Resizing PNG files beyond their original dimensions can result in pixelation or loss of quality, making them less suitable for projects that require scalability.
  • Limited Editability: Unlike SVG files, which are fully editable vector graphics, PNG files are limited in terms of editability. Once a PNG file is created, it’s challenging to modify individual elements or make significant changes to the design without starting from scratch.
  • File Size: While PNG files are generally smaller in file size compared to SVG files, they can still be larger than necessary, especially for high-resolution designs. This larger file size may result in longer upload times and increased storage requirements for Cricut projects.

Ready for more creativity? Perfect! PNG files come into play when you want to add vibrant colors and intricate designs to your stickers. They’re perfect for those eye-catching patterns and illustrations that make your stickers pop on invitations and favor bags. Plus, with PNG’s transparency feature, your stickers seamlessly blend into any background, adding that extra touch of magic to your party decorations.

Scalability✅ Scalable to any size❌ Fixed resolution
Editability✅ Fully editable❌ Limited editability
Layering✅ Supports layering❌ No layering support
File Size❌ Larger file size✅ Smaller file size
Transparency❌ Not transparent✅ Supports transparency
Color Depth❌ Limited color depth✅ High color depth
Compatibility✅ Widely compatible✅ Widely compatible
This table summarizes the key similarities and differences between SVG and PNG files for Cricut projects.

So, by combining SVG’s flexibility with PNG’s vibrant visuals, you can create a stunning array of stickers that will be the talk of the party.

Final Thoughts

Regarding Cricut projects, SVG files from Art4YouSpace are often the top choice because they offer scalability, sharp details, and smaller file sizes. But don’t count out PNG files—they can still work well, especially if you need vivid colors or transparent backgrounds. Ultimately, whether you pick SVG or PNG depends on what your project needs, what software you’re using, and what you prefer. Knowing the upsides and downsides of each format will help you decide and create fantastic projects with your Cricut.

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