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“For the first time since the bicycle, automobile or airplane, the ArcaBoard is a revolutionary breakthrough for transportation. For the first time, every person will be able to fly anytime, anywhere. The world, your world, will change forever.”

Arca Space Corporation in New Mexico has developed an electronic flying vehicle that can hover over any terrain, including water. The design can hold up to 243 lbs and flies a foot above the ground.

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Aerospace company Arca Space being inspired by Back-to-the-Future hoverboard has continued this trend with a rectangular device that uses 36 fans to float its riders through the air.

Integrated into the ArcaBoard’s chassis, the fans are driven by high-powered electric motors and generate up to 272 horsepower.

“By using 36 smaller electric ducted fans instead of fewer larger ones we ensure that the ArcaBoard keeps operating even in the case of multiple engine failures,”

said Dumitri Popescu, who founded the company that has also designed rocket launchers and drones.

“Each engine is powered by its own set of batteries independently of the other power units creating a multiple redundant system,” he added.


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The ArcaBoard appears to be the closest thing to the technology from Back to the Future: Part II that we’ve seen so far.

There’s reason to believe the ArcaBoard is for real, unlike the HUVr hoax from 2014 that Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk perpetrated on us.

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marty mcfly hover board

   First off, Arca started as a Romanian NGO and was awarded contracts for work on stratospheric rockets and balloons by the Romanian government and the European Space Agency. Since then, the company participated in the Google Lunar X Prize, released high-end drones and has recently relocated to the US, where it announced the release of the ArcaBoard on Christmas Eve.

Constructed from aerospace-grade composite materials to make it both lightweight and sturdy ArcaBoard weights 10 kilograms, and includes a cooling system that protects the device from the heat generated by its electric motors.

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The device is capable of lifting up to 110 kilograms of weight but don’t expect to be popping an ArcaBoard in your backpack a la Marty McFly, either, as it weighs 82 kg (180 lb) on its own. Chris Lang, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, tells Gizmag that it could be carried by two people.

Riders can enjoy up to six minutes before the board needs recharging – which takes six hours – although the company has also designed an extra dock accessory that allows it to be recharged in 35 minutes.

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The ArcaBoard can reportedly be controlled with the rider’s body or via a Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android app that activates a stabilization system and relays navigation commands via hand movements. Hover skate board

A built in stabilisation system keeps the board level while hovering or travelling. The Arca tilts when users make turns, to keep riders safe, although the app includes the option of turning the stabilisation system off.

“All you have to do is balance yourself and the board will provide a smooth stabilised experience,” said Popescu. “With the stabilisation system turned off you will find it as easy as learning to ride on your first bicycle.”

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“It takes an estimated 20 minutes of flight to become comfortable with the motion of flying in the air,” he added.

Wait, wait. Nobody said that it would be cheap. The device will be available from April 2016, and carries a price tag of $19,900 (£13,657 hover board cost).


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