30 Cool Summer Sketches: Get Inspired for Your Next Art Project

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Summer is a season of fun, relaxation, and creativity. Many people take advantage of the warm weather and longer days to engage in outdoor activities, travel, and explore new hobbies. For those who enjoy sketching, summer is an excellent time to let their imagination run wild and create beautiful works of art inspired by the season.

In this article, readers will discover 30 cool summer sketches that capture the essence of the season. From beach scenes to ice cream cones, from sunflowers to sea creatures, these sketches are perfect for artists of all levels who want to express their love for summer through their art. Whether readers are looking for inspiration for their next sketchbook entry or simply want to admire the talent of others, this article is sure to provide plenty of entertainment and inspiration.

1) Beachside Bliss

Summer is the perfect time to head to the beach and soak up some sun. Beachside bliss is all about the feeling of sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing, and the salty sea breeze. It’s no wonder that so many people are drawn to the beach during the summer months.

Black and white sketch of a serene beach scene with palm trees, setting sun, and a sailboat on the calm sea.
Charcoal drawing of a serene tropical beach with palm trees and gentle ocean waves under a cloudy sky.

One way to capture the essence of beachside bliss is through summer sketches. Drawing the beach and its surroundings can be a fun and relaxing way to spend a lazy summer day. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, there are plenty of easy beach summer drawing ideas to choose from.

From seagulls perched on weathered piers to palm trees swaying in the breeze, there are endless possibilities for beachside sketches. Some popular beachside drawing ideas include seashells, mermaids, and beach paths. You can even draw your favorite summer treats like ice cream cones and cool flamingos.

So grab a sketchbook and some pencils, head to the beach, and let your creativity flow. With these easy beach summer drawing ideas, you’re sure to capture the essence of beachside bliss.

2) Sunset Silhouettes

Summer sunsets are a breathtaking sight, and they make for great inspiration for sketches. Sunset silhouettes are a popular subject for artists, and they can be created using a variety of mediums, including watercolors, pencils, and pastels.

Silhouette of a person standing by a lone tree on a serene beach at sunset, casting a long shadow over the sand.
Pencil sketch of a solitary tree by a lakeside with distant mountains under a cloudy sky, capturing nature's serenity.

To create a sunset silhouette sketch, the artist should first choose the colors they want to use. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are perfect for capturing the essence of a summer sunset. Once the colors are chosen, the artist should start by creating the background of the sketch with a light wash of color.

Next, the artist should create the silhouette of the objects they want to include in the sketch. This can be anything from palm trees to boats. The silhouette should be created using a darker color than the background, so it stands out.

Finally, the artist can add details to the silhouette, such as leaves on a palm tree or waves on the ocean. These details can be created using a fine-tipped brush or pencil.

Creating a sunset silhouette sketch is a great way to capture the beauty of a summer sunset. It’s a fun and easy project that anyone can try, regardless of their skill level. With a little bit of practice, anyone can create a stunning sunset silhouette sketch that captures the essence of a summer evening.

3) Ice Cream Dreams

Summer isn’t summer without ice cream! Whether you’re eating it out of a cone or a cup, ice cream is the perfect treat to cool down on a hot day. And what better way to celebrate your love of ice cream than by sketching it?

Watercolor painting of blueberries in an ice cream cone with paintbrush and blue paint tube beside it.
Watercolor of ice cream cones with berries and green leaves on a summer-themed background with a hat and beach items.

There are so many ways to approach an ice cream sketch. You could focus on the details of the cone or cup, capturing the texture and shading of the waffle or sugar cone. Or you could zoom in on the ice cream itself, highlighting the swirls and layers of different flavors.

Another fun idea is to sketch a group of friends or family members enjoying their ice cream together. You could capture the joy and laughter on their faces, and add in fun details like sprinkles or whipped cream.

No matter how you approach it, an ice cream sketch is sure to bring a smile to your face. So grab your sketchbook, head to your favorite ice cream shop, and start sketching those sweet treats!

4) Poolside Paradise

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the sun and water, and what better way to do that than lounging by the pool? Poolside paradise is all about relaxation and fun. It’s a place where you can unwind, soak up some sun, and cool off in the water.

Luxurious tropical resort pool area featuring palm trees, lounge chairs, and a calming waterfall for ultimate relaxation.
Luxury villa with palm trees and sun loungers by a serene pool, perfect for a vacation retreat. Detailed black and white sketch.

Sketching poolside paradise is a great way to capture the essence of summer. You can draw the sparkling water, the colorful floats, and the lush greenery surrounding the pool. You can also sketch the people lounging by the pool, reading a book, sipping a drink, or taking a dip in the water.

When sketching poolside paradise, it’s important to capture the mood and atmosphere of the scene. You can use different techniques to add depth and texture to your sketches, such as shading, hatching, and cross-hatching. You can also experiment with different color palettes to create a vibrant and lively scene.

Overall, poolside paradise is a great subject for summer sketches. It’s a place where you can let your creativity flow and capture the essence of summer. So grab your sketchbook, find a comfortable spot by the pool, and start sketching your own poolside paradise.

5) Tropical Vibes

Nothing says summer quite like a tropical vacation. Even if you can’t make it to a far-off island, you can still capture the tropical vibe in your sketches.

One idea is to draw a palm tree swaying in the breeze with a bright sun shining down. Another option is to draw a tropical flower like a hibiscus or plumeria. These flowers are known for their vibrant colors and unique shapes.

Two colorful beach chairs under palm trees facing a serene ocean view, surrounded by tropical plants.
Watercolor sunset with sailboats and palm trees, tranquil ocean scene, vibrant hues of orange and pink sky reflecting on water.

For those who love the ocean, a sketch of a sea turtle or a school of fish can bring the tropical vibe to life. You can also try drawing a beach scene with a hammock, coconuts, and seashells scattered on the sand.

Don’t forget about the vibrant colors that are often associated with tropical vibes. Use bright pinks, yellows, and blues to really make your sketch pop.

Overall, there are endless possibilities when it comes to capturing the tropical vibe in your summer sketches. Whether you choose to draw a palm tree or a sea creature, the key is to have fun and let your creativity run wild.

6) Sandy Toes

One of the best parts of summer is spending time at the beach. Feeling the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin is a great way to relax and unwind. For those who can’t get enough of the beach, creating sketches of sandy toes can be a fun and creative way to capture the essence of summer.

Hand-drawn illustration of stylish white sandals with adjustable buckles and comfortable soles, perfect for casual and summer wear.
Black and white illustration of comfortable sandals with adjustable straps and buckles, ideal for casual wear.

Sketching sandy toes can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can draw a basic outline of a foot with a few lines to represent the sand, or you can add more detail by drawing individual grains of sand and shading to create depth.

To make your sandy toes sketches more interesting, consider adding other beach elements such as seashells, beach umbrellas, or even a beach ball. These additional elements can help tell a story and give your sketches a more complete feeling.

Overall, sketching sandy toes is a great way to capture the spirit of summer and all the fun that comes with spending time at the beach. So grab a sketchbook and some pencils and start creating your own sandy toes sketches today!

7) Lemonade Stand

One of the most iconic symbols of summer is the classic lemonade stand. It’s a simple yet effective way for kids to earn some extra cash while enjoying the sunshine. Plus, who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day?

Woman on bicycle carrying lemons, passing by a lemon cart and lemon tree, in a colorful and sunny, illustrated scene.
Hand-painted lemon cart with yellow flowers and fresh lemons, creating a vibrant, summery street market scene.

To get started, all you need is a table, some chairs, and a pitcher of lemonade. You can even make your own stand with some basic materials like wood and nails. There are plenty of DIY lemonade stand plans available online that are easy to follow and customize.

Once you have your stand set up, it’s time to attract customers. Make some colorful signs and decorate your stand with balloons or streamers. You can also offer different flavors of lemonade like raspberry or strawberry to appeal to a wider audience.

Don’t forget to price your lemonade appropriately. You don’t want to charge too much and scare away potential customers, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short. A fair price for a cup of lemonade is usually around $1-2.

Overall, a lemonade stand is a fun and classic way to enjoy the summer and make some extra money. So grab some lemons and get squeezing!

8) Picnic Perfection

Summer is the perfect time for picnics, and what better way to capture the essence of a picnic than with a sketch? Whether it’s a romantic lunch for two or a family gathering, a picnic sketch can capture the mood and atmosphere of the occasion.

Illustrated picnic basket with bread, cheese, fruit, and flowers. Ideal for summer outings and outdoor gatherings.
Watercolor picnic essentials: basket, wine, fruit, bread, utensils, blanket, and mason jar with cocktail. Text “Picnic Time.”

To start, sketch a blanket or tablecloth on the ground and add in some picnic essentials like a basket, plates, and cups. Don’t forget to include some delicious food items like sandwiches, fruit, and cheese. Sketch in some flowers or a tree in the background to add some natural beauty to the scene.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try sketching a picnic scene from an unusual angle, like looking down on the picnic from above, or sketching from the perspective of someone sitting at the picnic. This can add a unique and interesting perspective to your sketch.

Remember, the key to a great picnic sketch is to capture the feeling of relaxation and enjoyment that comes with a summer picnic. So grab your sketchbook and head outside to enjoy a perfect picnic in the sun.

9) Sunflower Fields

Watercolor painting of vibrant sunflowers in an art journal, with a brush and pen on a white table.
Hand-drawn illustration of a sunny mountain landscape with a vibrant field of blooming flowers in the foreground.

Sunflower fields are a beautiful and iconic sight during the summer season. These fields are not only visually stunning but also have a positive impact on the environment. Sunflowers are known to attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, making them an important part of the ecosystem.

Sketching sunflower fields can be a fun and relaxing activity during the summer months. To capture the essence of a sunflower field, artists should focus on the details of the flowers and the surrounding landscape. The bright yellow petals of the sunflowers contrasted against the blue sky make for a striking visual image.

When sketching sunflower fields, artists should experiment with different techniques to capture the movement and texture of the flowers. Using a variety of strokes and shading techniques can help to create depth and dimension in the sketch. Additionally, incorporating elements such as trees or a farmhouse in the background can add interest and context to the drawing.

Overall, sunflower fields are a beautiful and inspiring subject for summer sketches. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, taking the time to sketch a sunflower field can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

10) Watermelon Slices

Watermelon slices are a classic summer treat that can also make for a fun and refreshing summer sketch. Drawing watermelon slices is a great way to practice shading and color blending techniques.

Watercolor painting of vibrant watermelon slice with seeds on a light background, showcasing summer freshness.
Watercolor painting of a whole watermelon with two juicy slices, displaying vibrant red flesh and green rind.

To draw a watermelon slice, start by sketching the outline of the slice using a light pencil. Then, add the details such as the seeds and rind. Use a darker pencil to shade in the seeds and the darker areas of the watermelon flesh. Finally, add some highlights to make the watermelon slice look juicy and fresh.

For those who want to add a touch of whimsy to their watermelon slice sketches, consider drawing a cute character enjoying a slice of watermelon. This can be a great way to practice drawing facial expressions and adding personality to your sketches.

Overall, watermelon slices are a fun and easy summer sketch idea that can be enjoyed by artists of all skill levels. So grab your pencils and start sketching some juicy watermelon slices today!

11) Flip Flop Fun

Painting of pink flip-flops on a yellow background, emphasizing vibrant summer footwear illustrated using bright colors.
Colorful flip-flops scattered on sandy beach background, featuring various fun patterns and bright, summery designs.

Flip flops are a staple of summer footwear. They are easy to slip on and off, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. They are also a fun subject to sketch.

To start, draw the basic shape of the flip flop. This will be a simple outline of the sole and the thong that goes between the toes. From there, you can add details such as patterns or decorations on the sole or straps.

If you want to take your flip flop sketch to the next level, try drawing a pair of feet wearing them. This will give your sketch a sense of movement and make it more interesting to look at.

Another fun idea is to draw a collection of flip flops in different colors and patterns. This would make a great page in a sketchbook or a fun piece of art to hang on a wall.

Overall, flip flops are a great subject for summer sketches. They are easy to draw and offer endless possibilities for creativity.

12) Seashell Collection

Sketchbook with hand-drawn seashells being colored, surrounded by real seashells and a jar filled with shell collection.
Hand-drawn sea shells and flowers, surrounded by real shells and flowers, creating a beach-themed illustration.

Summer is the perfect time to start a seashell collection. Whether you’re at the beach or just walking along the shore, there are always interesting shells to find. Shells come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny ones that fit in the palm of your hand to large ones that you can use as a decoration.

Collecting seashells is a fun and inexpensive hobby that anyone can enjoy. You can display your shells in a jar or on a shelf, or use them to create beautiful crafts. Some people even make jewelry and other accessories out of seashells.

When collecting seashells, it’s important to respect the environment. Don’t take live shells or disturb the natural habitat of marine life. Instead, look for shells that have already washed up on the shore.

Overall, collecting seashells is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the beach and bring a little piece of it home with you. So next time you’re at the beach, keep an eye out for interesting shells and start your own collection.

13) Popsicle Party

Step-by-step watercolor popsicle painting tutorial: measuring, tracing, painting, and final artwork on clipboard.
Colorful watercolor popsicles in various shapes and flavors, including fruity, chocolate, and layered varieties on sticks.

Nothing screams summer quite like a refreshing popsicle. From classic flavors like cherry and grape to more unique options like watermelon and blue raspberry, there’s a popsicle for everyone. And what better way to celebrate the season than with a popsicle party?

Hosting a popsicle party is easy and fun. Simply gather a variety of popsicles, both store-bought and homemade, and set up a DIY toppings bar. Offer toppings like sprinkles, crushed cookies, and chopped nuts, as well as sauces like hot fudge and caramel. Let guests create their own custom popsicle creations and enjoy them in the sunshine.

For those who want to take their popsicle party to the next level, consider making your own popsicles. There are plenty of easy recipes available online, and making your own allows you to experiment with unique flavor combinations and ingredients. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with kids or friends.

So gather your friends and family, grab some popsicles, and enjoy a sweet and refreshing summer treat.

14) Surf’s Up

Watercolor beach elements: surfboards, wave, starfish, van, flip-flops, hibiscus flowers, and Gone Surfing sign. High quality PNG.
Illustration of two surfboards leaning on palm trees at a beach with ocean waves and a shining sun in the background.

When it comes to summer, nothing says “beach” quite like surfing. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just starting out, there’s something about catching a wave that’s exhilarating.

Surfing is not just a fun activity, it’s also a great way to stay active and healthy during the summer. It’s a full-body workout that can help improve your balance, strength, and endurance. Not to mention, being out in the sun and saltwater can be great for your skin and overall well-being.

Illustration of a focused young surfer riding a wave, showcasing athleticism and balance. Pencil sketch style with dynamic movement.
Woman surfing a wave in a dynamic pose, pencil sketch, wearing protective gear and focused expression.

For those who are new to surfing, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. Many beaches offer surf lessons and equipment rentals, making it easy to try out the sport without investing in your own gear. There are also plenty of online tutorials and instructional videos available to help you learn the basics.

Sketch of a woman with a surfboard, walking forward, seen from behind. Her hair is tied in a ponytail.
Black and white illustration of a skilled surfer riding a powerful wave, showcasing balance and precision on a surfboard.

For experienced surfers, summer is the perfect time to catch some waves and show off your skills. With longer days and warmer water temperatures, there’s no better time to hit the beach and catch some waves.

So grab your board, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure, and get ready to hang ten this summer.

15) Kite Flying

Kite flying is a classic summer activity that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, get some exercise, and have fun with friends and family.

Illustration of a red kite flying against a blue sky with fluffy white clouds, conveying freedom and tranquility.
Children flying kites in a colorful sky filled with different shapes and sizes, enjoying a bright, sunny day.

To get started, all you need is a kite and a little bit of wind. There are many different types of kites to choose from, including single-line kites, dual-line kites, and stunt kites. Single-line kites are the easiest to fly and are great for beginners, while dual-line and stunt kites require a bit more skill and practice.

Once you’ve chosen your kite, find an open space with plenty of room to run and launch your kite into the air. If you’re flying a single-line kite, simply hold onto the line and let the wind carry your kite up into the sky. If you’re flying a dual-line or stunt kite, you’ll need to use the control lines to steer and maneuver your kite through the air.

Kite flying is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, and it’s a fun activity for people of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time flyer, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching your kite soar through the sky on a warm summer day.

16) Campfire Nights

One of the best things about summer is spending time outdoors with friends and family, and what better way to do that than with a campfire? Campfires are perfect for roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and enjoying the warm summer nights.

A monochrome drawing of people around a campfire in a forest, with a tent in the background.
Hand-drawn campfire sketch with pencils nearby on white paper, featuring logs and flames. Black and white line art.

To capture the magic of a campfire night, try sketching a scene with a roaring fire, logs, and chairs. Add some stars in the sky and maybe a tent in the background to complete the picture.

Another fun idea is to sketch a group of people gathered around the fire, with each person doing something different. One person could be playing guitar, another roasting marshmallows, and someone else telling a scary story. This sketch is a great way to capture the fun and camaraderie of a summer campfire.

For those who love nature, try sketching a scene with a campfire in the middle of the forest. Add some trees, rocks, and maybe even a river to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Overall, campfire nights are a quintessential part of summer, and sketching them is a great way to remember those warm summer nights spent with loved ones.

17) Sun Hat Style

Summer is the perfect time to show off your fashion sense, and a sun hat is a must-have accessory. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling through the park, a sun hat can add style and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Woman in a striped beach cover-up and sun hat, holding sunglasses, viewed from the back. Summer vacation illustration.
Illustration of stacked summer hats with colorful bands, including straw hats and fedoras, showcasing variety in headwear.

There are many different styles of sun hats to choose from, including wide-brimmed, bucket, and visor hats. Wide-brimmed hats are perfect for those who want maximum sun protection, while bucket hats offer a more casual look. Visor hats are a great choice for those who want to keep their hair off their face while still enjoying the sun.

When it comes to choosing a sun hat, it’s important to consider the material. Straw hats are a classic choice and are perfect for a beachy, bohemian look. Cotton and linen hats are great for a more polished look, while nylon hats are perfect for outdoor activities.

No matter what style or material you choose, a sun hat is a great way to add some flair to your summer wardrobe. So, whether you’re headed to the beach or simply running errands, don’t forget to top off your look with a stylish sun hat.

18) Palm Tree Paradise

Palm trees are a classic symbol of summer and tropical paradise. Drawing a palm tree can be a fun and easy way to add some summer vibes to your sketches.

Black and white palm tree illustration with thatched roofs and foliage in the foreground. Tropical beach scene.
Blue ink sketch of a tropical plant with broad leaves drawn on a spiral notebook page. Hand-drawn botanical illustration.

To start, sketch a tall, slightly curved line for the trunk. This is the backbone of the palm tree. Then, add a few curved lines at the top for the basic shape of the fronds. Palm tree leaves have a unique feather-like appearance, so make sure to capture that in your drawing 1.

To add some life to your palm tree, consider drawing a beach scene with a palm tree in the foreground. You could draw a beach chair or an umbrella nearby to complete the scene.

Another idea is to draw a palm tree at sunset. Use warm colors like oranges, pinks, and yellows to capture the beauty of the sunset sky.

Overall, palm trees are a great addition to any summer sketch. They are easy to draw and instantly transport the viewer to a tropical paradise.

19) Cool Cactus

Cacti are the perfect summer sketch subject. They are unique, interesting, and add a touch of desert charm to any artwork. Drawing a cactus is easy and fun, even for beginners.

To start, choose the type of cactus you want to draw. There are many different varieties, each with their own distinctive shapes and textures. Some popular types include the saguaro, prickly pear, and barrel cactus.

Black and white sketch of desert cacti with rocky cliffs in the background and clouds in the sky, signed artistically.
Black and white cactus illustration, detailed sketch showing intricate lines and texture of desert plants.

Next, sketch the basic outline of the cactus. Pay attention to the shape and size of the cactus, as well as any unique features like arms or flowers. Then, add in the details, such as the spikes or ridges.

For a more creative touch, experiment with different colors and textures. Try using watercolors to create a soft, dreamy effect, or use bold, bright colors to make your cactus stand out.

Overall, cactus sketches are a great way to add some summer flair to your art. With a little practice, you can create beautiful cactus drawings that capture the essence of the desert.

20) Lazy Hammock

Nothing screams summertime relaxation quite like a hammock. Whether it’s strung up between two trees in the backyard or hanging from a stand on the porch, a hammock is the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy the warm weather.

There are many different types of hammocks available, from traditional rope hammocks to modern, sleek designs. Some hammocks even come with built-in shade canopies or mosquito netting to keep pesky bugs at bay.

Black and white illustration of a person relaxing in a hammock by a lake with mountains and trees in the background.
Watercolor painting of a person relaxing in a floral hammock, reading a book under a leafy tree; peaceful outdoor scene.

When it comes to sketching a lazy hammock, the possibilities are endless. One could draw a simple line sketch of a hammock strung up between two trees, or add in intricate details such as the texture of the fabric or the pattern of the ropes.

For those looking for inspiration, there are plenty of online resources available. Websites such as One Kindesign offer a plethora of outdoor hammock ideas, including unique spins on traditional styles. Art For Kids Hub provides step-by-step instructions for drawing a summer beach hammock, while Brighter Craft offers a collection of easy beach summer drawing ideas.

So grab a pen and paper and get sketching. Whether it’s a simple line drawing or a detailed masterpiece, a sketch of a lazy hammock is sure to evoke feelings of summertime relaxation.

21) Butterfly Garden

Whimsical illustration of a pink butterfly on a green stem surrounded by delicate flowers on a beige background.
Watercolor painting of lavender flowers with a brown butterfly perched on a blossom, detailed leaves and stems in soft hues.

Butterflies are a common sight during the summer months, and they are a popular subject for artists and sketchers. A butterfly garden is a great way to attract these beautiful insects to your backyard.

To create a butterfly garden, you need to choose the right plants. Butterflies are attracted to bright colors and sweet fragrances, so consider planting flowers such as marigolds, zinnias, and coneflowers. You can also plant herbs such as lavender and mint, which will attract butterflies while also adding a pleasant scent to your garden.

When sketching a butterfly garden, it’s important to capture the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the butterflies. You can use a variety of techniques to create a realistic and detailed sketch, such as shading and cross-hatching.

To make your butterfly garden sketch more interesting, consider adding other elements such as a birdbath or a bench. These additional elements can add depth and perspective to your sketch, making it more visually appealing.

Overall, a butterfly garden is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature and create stunning sketches. With the right plants and a little bit of creativity, you can attract a wide variety of butterflies to your garden and create beautiful sketches that capture the essence of summer.

22) Starry Nights

Summer nights are magical, and there is nothing quite like gazing up at the stars. The night sky can be an incredible source of inspiration for artists, and one of the most famous depictions of the stars is in Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting.

Drawing a starry night scene can be a fun and rewarding challenge. To create a similar effect to Van Gogh’s masterpiece, start by sketching out the basic outline of the composition. Begin with the elongated, curving cypress tree in the foreground and then add other elements like the rolling hills and village in the distance. Use light, loose strokes at this stage.

Hand holding an open sketchbook with colorful painting of a sunset over a field of yellow flowers and crescent moon.
Person holding a miniature painting inspired by Starry Night by Van Gogh with an outdoor background.

Next, define the sky with dark blues and swirling strokes that mimic the movement of the original artwork. Don’t forget to leave space for the stars, which will be added later.

Finally, add the stars using white or yellow paint or a white gel pen. You can also add other elements like a crescent moon or shooting stars to make the scene even more magical.

With a little bit of practice, you can create your own stunning starry night sketches that capture the beauty of summer nights.

23) Sunglasses Chic

Illustration of a stylish woman in a pink hat and sunglasses, perfect for summer fashion inspiration. Text: My Style.
Illustration of a stylish woman in striped shirt and sunglasses, with Hello written near her. Trendy and artistic.

Summer is here, and it’s time to get your sunglasses game on point. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or strolling through the city, a chic pair of sunglasses can elevate any outfit.

According to Who What Wear, cat-eye silhouettes are making a confident return to classic alternatives for 2024. These frames are perfect for those who want to add a touch of retro glamour to their look.

If you want to make a statement, colorful lenses are a must-try trend this season. Byrdie reports that statement frames and nostalgic silhouettes are also in style. Bottega Veneta and Celine are among the brands leading the way in this trend.

For those who prefer a minimalist look, simple, classic frames are always in style. MSN suggests that a chic pair of sunglasses is a year-round essential. From the ski slopes to the beach, they help protect your eyes from the sun.

In conclusion, there’s a perfect pair of sunglasses out there for everyone. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a classic look, there are plenty of options to choose from this summer. So, go out there, find your perfect pair, and rock them with confidence.

24) Canoe Adventures

Summer is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors, and what better way to do that than by taking a canoe trip? Canoe adventures can be a fun and exciting way to spend a summer day, whether you’re exploring a local lake or heading out on a multi-day trip.

Minimalist camping illustration with a mountain landscape, drawn on paper with pencils and a hand holding a pen in the foreground.
Sketch of a man paddling a canoe on a lake with trees and birds in the background. Nature, adventure, and solitude depicted.

One of the best things about canoeing is that it’s a relatively easy activity to pick up. Even if you’ve never been in a canoe before, you can quickly learn the basics and be on your way. Plus, there are plenty of places to rent canoes if you don’t have your own.

If you’re looking for a more challenging adventure, consider a multi-day canoe trip. There are plenty of outfitters that offer guided trips, or you can plan your own route. Just be sure to do your research and make sure you have all the necessary gear and supplies before you set out.

No matter what kind of canoe adventure you choose, be sure to take plenty of breaks to enjoy the scenery and soak up the sun. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy up. With a little planning and preparation, a canoe adventure can be the highlight of your summer.

25) Garden Gnomes

Cute gnome with red hat, long white beard, blue shirt, brown belt, brown pants, and grey boots looking up.
Illustration of a gnome in a green hat and striped skirt smelling daisies, with Refer to 1. Corinthians 13:4-7 text.

Garden gnomes are a popular summer sketch subject. These whimsical creatures are believed to bring good luck and protect gardens from harm. They are often depicted with pointy hats, long beards, and plump bellies.

When sketching garden gnomes, it’s important to pay attention to their unique features. They have round noses, rosy cheeks, and large, expressive eyes. They also wear colorful clothing and carry various gardening tools, such as shovels and watering cans.

To draw a garden gnome, start by sketching the basic outline of the body and features. Use reference images or figurines to capture the essence of a garden gnome accurately. Experiment with different poses and expressions to bring the sketch to life.

Garden gnomes can be a fun and playful addition to any summer sketchbook. They can be drawn individually or as part of a larger garden scene. So grab a pencil and start sketching these charming creatures today!

26) BBQ Bonanza

BBQ Bonanza is an annual event that takes place in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It features live music, crafts, a car show, a demo derby, a cornhole tournament, and of course, delicious BBQ food. The event is usually held in the summer months and is a great way for families and friends to come together and enjoy some good food and entertainment.

Cartoon chef grilling outdoors, holding a burger on a tray in one hand and a spatula in the other, standing by a red barbecue grill.
Illustration of a person pushing a baby stroller on dotted paper with a black Artline 200 pen beside the drawing.

The BBQ Bonanza event is organized by a team of volunteers who work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They are passionate about providing a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends the event. With a variety of activities and entertainment options, there is something for everyone at BBQ Bonanza.

If you are a fan of BBQ food, then the BBQ Bonanza event is definitely worth checking out. You can sample some of the best BBQ food in the area and enjoy a fun day out with your friends and family. So mark your calendars and make sure to attend BBQ Bonanza the next time it comes around.

27) Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a quintessential summer accessory that can add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Making a flower crown is a fun and easy DIY project that can be done with just a few simple materials.

To make a flower crown, start by gathering fresh or artificial flowers and greenery. Popular flowers for flower crowns include daisies, roses, and baby’s breath. Next, measure the circumference of your head and cut a piece of floral wire to that length. Then, wrap the wire around your head to create a circular base.

Watercolor painting of a woman in a pink dress with colorful flowers covering her face, on a white background.
Elegant hair illustration with pink floral crown; delicate artistic sketch with real flowers for a romantic look.

Using floral tape, attach the flowers and greenery to the wire base, starting at one end and working your way around. Be sure to alternate the types of flowers and greenery to create a balanced look. Once you have covered the entire wire base, use floral wire to secure any loose flowers or greenery.

Flower crowns can be worn to festivals, weddings, or just for fun on a sunny day. They are a simple and beautiful way to embrace the spirit of summer.

28) Sunset Strolls

Summer sunsets are a magical time of day, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than by taking a leisurely stroll. Whether it’s along the beach, through a park, or around your neighborhood, a sunset walk is a great way to unwind and soak up the beauty of the season.

As you walk, take the time to observe the colors of the sky and the way the light changes as the sun dips below the horizon. You might even want to bring along a sketchbook to capture the scene in a quick sketch or two.

Pen sketch of a scenic landscape with mountains, trees, clouds, and the sun rising; black pen on a spiral-bound notebook.
Colorful sunset drawing in a sketchbook surrounded by pencils and flowers, creating a vibrant artistic mood.

One idea for a sunset sketch is to focus on the silhouettes of trees or buildings against the colorful sky. Another option is to capture the reflections of the sunset on water, whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean. You could also try sketching the people around you, enjoying the sunset in their own way.

No matter what you choose to sketch, remember that the goal is not perfection, but rather to capture the feeling of the moment. So take your time, enjoy the scenery, and let your creativity flow.

29) Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a popular summer sport that is played on a sandy court with two teams of two players each. The game is fast-paced and requires a combination of skill, agility, and teamwork.

In a beach volleyball game, the goal is to hit the ball over the net and onto the opposing team’s side of the court. The opposing team must then hit the ball back over the net and try to score a point. The game continues until one team reaches 21 points and is ahead by at least two points.

Anime girl with long hair and beach volleyball, wearing white crop top and shorts, enjoying a sunny day on the beach.
Painting of men playing beach volleyball, showing a player spiking the ball over the net with teammates and opponents around.

Beach volleyball is a great way to get some exercise and have fun in the sun. It can be played at the beach or in a park with a sand court. All you need is a ball and a net, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, beach volleyball is a fun and challenging sport that is perfect for the summer season. So grab some friends, head to the beach, and get ready to bump, set, and spike your way to victory.

30) Road Trip Scenes

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. Whether you’re going on a long journey or just a short drive, there’s always something new to see and experience. Road trip scenes are a great way to capture the memories of your trip and create a fun summer sketch.

When sketching a road trip scene, it’s important to capture the essence of the journey. This can include the scenery, the people, and the activities along the way. Try to capture the feeling of the open road and the excitement of exploring new places.

Retro illustration of a couple driving a classic convertible through a desert at sunset with Road Trippin' text above.
Sketch of a beach scene with a van, surfboard, and text Life is better at the Beach, next to a pencil and brush.

One great way to create a road trip scene is to focus on the landscape. Sketch the rolling hills, the winding roads, and the vast open spaces. You can also include landmarks, such as mountains, lakes, and forests, to add interest and depth to your sketch.

Another approach is to focus on the people and activities of the road trip. Sketch your friends and family in the car, at rest stops, or at scenic overlooks. You can also sketch the activities you enjoy along the way, such as hiking, swimming, or picnicking.

Overall, road trip scenes are a fun and creative way to capture the memories of your summer adventures. So grab your sketchbook, hit the road, and start sketching!

Tips for Creating Cool Summer Sketches

Choosing the Right Tools

To create cool summer sketches, it’s important to choose the right tools. A good quality sketchbook and a variety of pencils, pens, and markers are essential. Consider using watercolor pencils or paints to add a pop of color to your sketches. Experiment with different tools and techniques to find what works best for you.

Incorporating Summer Themes

One way to make your sketches stand out is to incorporate summer themes. Draw inspiration from nature, such as the beach, flowers, and sunsets. You can also draw people enjoying summer activities, like swimming, hiking, or having a picnic. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own unique twist to your sketches.

Using Light and Shadows

Using light and shadows can add depth and dimension to your sketches. Pay attention to the direction of the light source and how it affects the shadows. Experiment with different shading techniques to create a three-dimensional effect. By incorporating light and shadows, you can make your sketches look more realistic and interesting.

In summary, to create cool summer sketches, it’s important to choose the right tools, incorporate summer themes, and use light and shadows. With practice and experimentation, you can create sketches that capture the essence of summer and showcase your artistic abilities.

Inspiration for Summer Sketches

Summer is a great time to get outside and explore the world around you. Whether you’re in the city or the country, there’s plenty of inspiration for your next summer sketch. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Nature and Landscapes

Summer is the perfect time to capture the beauty of nature in your sketches. Whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains, or just enjoying a local park, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Sketching the sunset over the ocean
  • Capturing the beauty of a flower garden
  • Drawing a tree-lined path in a park
  • Sketching a mountain landscape

Remember to pay attention to the details when sketching nature. Look for interesting textures, patterns, and colors to make your sketches come alive.

Urban Scenes

If you live in the city, there’s plenty of inspiration for your summer sketches as well. From bustling streets to iconic landmarks, there’s always something interesting to capture. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Sketching a city skyline at sunset
  • Capturing the energy of a busy street corner
  • Drawing a historic building or monument
  • Sketching a park or public space in the city

When sketching urban scenes, pay attention to the architecture, people, and activity around you. Look for interesting angles and perspectives to make your sketches unique.

No matter where you are this summer, there’s plenty of inspiration for your sketches. Get outside, explore, and let your creativity run wild!

Showcasing Your Summer Sketches

Social Media Tips

Sharing your summer sketches on social media is a great way to showcase your talent and connect with other artists. Here are a few tips to make the most of your social media presence:

  • Choose the right platform: Consider which platform is best suited to your style and target audience. Instagram is great for visual artists, while Twitter is better for sharing quick updates and engaging with other artists.

  • Use hashtags: Hashtags can help your work get discovered by a wider audience. Use relevant hashtags such as #summersketches or #sketchbook to attract the right kind of attention.

  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages, and take the time to engage with other artists in your community. This can help you build a following and make valuable connections.

Creating a Portfolio

If you’re serious about showcasing your summer sketches, consider creating a portfolio to showcase your best work. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Choose your best work: Be selective about which sketches you include in your portfolio. Choose the pieces that best represent your style and skill level.

  • Organize your work: Consider organizing your sketches by theme or medium. This can help showcase your versatility as an artist.

  • Keep it simple: Your portfolio should be easy to navigate and visually appealing. Avoid cluttered layouts or distracting backgrounds.

By following these tips, you can effectively showcase your summer sketches and build your reputation as an artist.

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