Top 18 Stunning New Inventions

Sometimes simple solutions to life more difficult than to come up with a spaceship. Invention for life

cups mirror printing

Designers from Japan have come up with a new service called – Waltz

the electronic orchestra for your guitar chords

samples, effects and loops

The crane, which makes saving water beautiful

Simin Qiu Create a unique design and water savings of 15%

Miniature garden around the neck

Colin Jordan makes jewelry of the “live”

Superheroes to keep your books

magnets and metal

Shoes that fit on your feet

The designer came up with Masaya Hashimoto are dimensionless sneakers

blind computer keyboard best

Nokia keypad is made up of two simple-looking bracelets, and movement of the fingers which is fixed and transmitted via bluetooth

LED signal for cyclists

The lamp is made from an old stump

Ring Mary Lou

Round rollers

Word clock

Spherical bath

Author- Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky

Shoes with interchangeable heels

The device, which shows tomorrow’s weather

Gadget visually shows the weather for tomorrow, the sun, rain, fog, and more

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