Top 10 cozy houses in the Modern style

A lot of people are used to think that modern architecture is cold and metal. The searching for new forms makes architects and designers to break away traditional views of standard houses. It’s up to you to decide to whether to like these houses or not but these projects are worth of attention.

1 Atelier 8000 – Czech studio

2 Residencia R35 by Imativa Arquitectos


3 Cove 3 by SAOTA in Pezula Estate, Knysna, South Africa


4Beach House by Auhaus Architecture

5 House in Sha Tin by Millimeter Interior Design Limited

6 Alps Villa by Camillo Botticini

7Pool House by +tongtong

8House deck

9George Bradley Architecture and Design

10Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, in Harads, Sweden

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