25+ DIY ideas for cheap and home decor

Continuation of our subject – a cheap but abrupt decor. Without special skills and knowledge, only a droplet of efforts turn usual objects into unique things. Restoring or expanding, changing the texture or paint and see a completely different result =)

In our article there will be furniture options, lamps, a photoframework and a small decor.

Floor lamp

floor-lamp-hand-made-diy- diy-home-decor-craft-ideas

Improvised objects, several details in shop, the stylish lamp turns out.

Booklamp =)

lamp-bookmarks light- diy-home-decor

Simple lamp


Quickly, stylishly and cheap =)

desk lamp

Quickly, stylishly and cheap -Quickly, stylishly and cheap 4diy-decor

Origami lamp

origami lamp

lamp=original creative ideas

acryl light

Becomes with the help of the drawing on acryle and illuminations in a tree, such effect is gained =)

decor-origami ideas-ideas-diy-budget-decor-projects-ikea-creative

instrument cup-decor-budget


Abrupt and simple shelf


Abrupt and simple shelf-ideas-diy-budget-decor-projects

coolest ideas-diy-budget-decor-projects






Office chair




Interesting projects are also all sizes.

Lamp and laces

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