25+ diy lamp shade projects – ideas

We will begin =). Diy Lamp projects it as hobby, as small manifestation of creativity and maintenance of a cosiness. for example to make difficult furniture, it is necessary to have skills or a lot of time, large objects both, and with our subject here everything is simple, a corner of your creativity which will shine you for creation of the new ideas and a cosiness.

Simple lamp from a twine and the balloon

diy ideas

Any will be able to repeat. it to be necessary for you – glue, a string of a twine, and a ball or the cylinder.

Lamp – origami

lamp origami-diy

Important.  To be necessary for you dense paper, a pattern and it is a little glue.

diy lamp bottle

diy lamp bottle

It is cheap and practical. It is made of materials which always near at hand.

Geometric lamp

geometric lamp diy

Adhesive tape, sticks from balloons or a copper thin pipe.


Simple diy projects

A beautiful pot can also be a good decor and a good lamp.

Table lamp

table lamp

diy projects lamp creative

Cardboard and glue

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