24+ creative and affordable decor for bathrooms


Not everyone has a large bathroom but it doesn’t matter, what matters the most is cleanness, hygiene and how beautiful your bathroom is designed. A small bathroom can be designed to be attractive, unique, classic and spacious. Live the life of your dream with what you can afford, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend tones of money to make your bathroom look like an executive bathroom. A small bathroom can be designed in a unique way and come out to be so spectaculars.


Some of the people may have an old bathroom which is designed old-fashioned way but that’s
not an issue anymore because bathroom remodeling has been a common thing that most people
have been doing. We all want to go with what’s new in the market, and it can be done in the
most economical way.

Affordable ways of remodeling your bathroom


You may not be a specialist in bathroom remodeling but if you have the confidence and can learn
so first it is easier to do it on your own may be with a little assistance from someone who is
familiar with what is required. Sparing that coin of hiring an expensive specialist helps you cover
a different expense. Note that if you are not sure whether you can do it, my dear friend, just call a
pro who can do it for you because if you make a mistake of screwing up the plumbing a bigger
problem will fill your house.


There are so many bathroom décor ideas that can be used during remodeling of your bathroom.
This depends on your taste and preference and how you find it perfect.
A friend might be visiting and there is no time or money to pay an expert, you can just do it if
only the task is simple and easy to do. Remember that in the entire house nothing is important
like having a sparkling bathroom. Do not embarrass yourself to your friends any more.

You can also use old materials to remodel your bathroom and repaint them to appear as new and
beautiful. A colorful bathroom gives you the best feeling and whenever you get in, a fresh smell
welcomes you right from the door.

Mason jar bathroom storage DIY

Mason jar bathroom storage DIY

Having the most unique, beautiful and attractive interior design makes a room look spectaculars.
Most of you may hear the word “interior design” and think that a lot of money must be placed
for you to achieve it. I can assure you that you can have a very nice interior design in your house
where your bathroom is designed in the most inexpensive cost and ends up looking amazing.

Mason jar storage is one of the best method you can use to keep your stuff neat and also give
your bathroom a beautiful display. To many, this is not new because many people loves mason
jar storage. An advice to everyone DIY project is one of the cheapest that you would ever find.
You can find other mason jar but you will notice that they are very expensive.

Affordable ways of remodeling your bathroom


Mason jar storage keeps your bathroom organized and neat. Anyone who have used mason jar
has a prove of how helpful and important it is to store your stuff in a clean jar.
To make them have an appealing display, paint the board in such a way that it blends the color of
your bathroom. They can be used to store cotton balls, cosmetic sponges, Qtips and other stuff
used in the bathroom.

You can make mason jar yourself or with your partner and make it a memory of you together.

How to turn your dresser into a bathroom vanity

You have an old dresser or sideboard which is just there looking old-fashioned and serving only
one purpose in your bathroom? You will be surprised to know that you can turn it to a bathroom
vanity. This work requires an expert who will do it well because it is a process. Measure the
space of your bathroom and adjust the dresser in to a more fitting vanity.

Don’t forget to choose a well-designed sink that will appear unique and use it upside down to
measure the space required on the surface of the dresser that will fit the sink well.

Cool small master bathroom remodeling budget

Keeping your budget to the lowest, saves you a lot of money which can be located somewhere
else. This can be done by keeping your bathroom simple but attractive, do not use a dark color
which does not bring the beauty of the bathroom. Make sure not to buy window treatments that
consumes large space. Balance the design and let it be simple and elegant.
Make sure that the floor space is used to the maximum ensuring that everything is not
everywhere. Pack your bathroom stuff where they are supposed to be. Instead of using cabinets
to put toiletries, use open shelves which are more fancy, consumes less space and are much

The color of the bathroom also matters a lot; it brings the beauty of the bathroom even without
having to install expensive items. Enlarging the size of your mirrors is one of the things that you
should not leave behind.
Bathroom remodeling can cost you less than you expected. Instead of building the whole
bathroom afresh you can just replace the old items by renovating them to look new and modern.
Few installations in your bathroom makes it look simple, classy and easy to clean. To maintain
the budget to the minimum you can improvise what is available and make it useful in other ways.
DIY storage ladder

Have you been looking forward to that crazy idea of creating the most perfect way of storing
your bathroom towels? DIY storage ladder is what you have been looking for and make your
bathroom appear to be the most beautiful and neat bathroom ever. It creates space since towels
are kept in baskets which are attached to the ladder.

Door decor


Don’t you think this is a great bathroom décor ideas? I guarantee that if you try this project
there will be no disappointments to be faced, instead the most favorite room will be your
Hotels countrywide have been applying this crazy idea to make their clients comfortable
whenever they spend their precious time in their classy rooms.


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